SMS Service

A cost effective mass communciation opportunity.

Influential SMS Marketing Solution

SMS open rates exceeds 99% and more than 95% of SMS are read by the recipients, thus making the mobile phone marketing an ideal channel to endorse your products, services, and solutions.

GenPBX, as a prominent SMS provider, provides you SMS text marketing solution which can operate through an online platform. Business SMS services offered by us are ideal for a business who looks forward for aggressive advertising through marketing medium which is cost effective.

It is ideal for businesses who wish to convey message to their employees, partners or customers shortly and accurately.

Why SMS Marketing with Us?

Service Application

Quick response to campaigns with the help of short codes

Easy to measure each and every campaigns profits

Lower rates on Bulk SMS

Service reliability

Increases communication

Amazing support with several features

Customer service communications

Introducing a product or service

Competition with your rivals

Making appointments and adding reminders

Features which Tags along with Business SMS Service

When it comes to SMS marketing there are few services which we love to provide to our clients, which allow them to reach wider audience, assuring better response rate.

Email to SMS Service: Sending an SMS from your email address is easy, efficient and reliable. Your email is converted to SMS and delivered to the concern mobile phone numbers and you receive the replies as emails.

SMS Distribution Lists: Emails which are sent to the SMS distribution list are right away forwarded as SMS to the concern mobile phone numbers which are saved/stored in the list.

SMS Gateway API: Use your existing business system as well as application to send SMS with the help of our SMS API. It is user-friendly and flawlessly combines with your existing system.

API Documentation: Perfect platform to build your own messaging app with the help of our messaging infrastructure. It offers all the facilities which include send and receive SMS, manage contacts, create templates, schedule SMS, process bulk SMS etc.

Send Texts Online: Send SMS online from the web to anyone and anywhere in the world. Our comprehensive online SMS texting solution facilitates you a swift and cost effective solution.

Send Bulk SMS Online: Send bulk SMS to employees, partners, prospects, or customers swiftly and successfully, making the entire process simple.

SMS Marketing Campaigns: Carry out successful SMS marketing campaign and enhance your sales with our SMS marketing software.

Schedule Text Messages: Create all your text messages in advance and schedule them so that the message is sent automatically at the right time. No more worries on staying awake at the precise hour to send any message.

Two-Way-SMS Chat: Offer instant responses your customers with our two-way SMS chat panel.

SMS Attachments: Attach any files to your SMS such as PDF, Word & Excel files, photos, videos and more. No more dependence on costly MMS services.

Manage Lists & Contacts: With the help of a powerful control panel, you can easily manage several thousands of mobile phone numbers in few mouse clicks.

Import Mobile Numbers: Easily import mobile numbers from Excel or CSV file and save them in right format.

List Building & Subscribe Forms: A website visitor is your potential mobile marketing subscriber. Collect their mobile numbers using our subscribe forms.

Mail Merge SMS & Templates: Send personal as well as custom information as SMS using our template with our mail merge SMS service.

Receive SMS Online: With two-way-SMS service, you can easily communicate with your employees, partners, prospects, and customers more efficiently.

Language & Unicode SMS: Send and receive SMS in any language using Unicode SMS support.

Long Text Messages: Most often 160 characters are not enough to convey a message, now you can send up to 900 characters with long text messages.

SMS Sender ID: Send your SMS into a powerful branding tool – SMS with your company name.

Virtual Mobile Numbers: A dedicated virtual SMS number facilitate you to receive SMS from anyone. Your customers, prospects, employees, or partners can easily text you whenever they wish to.

Sub-Accounts for Team Members: Create sub accounts for your team members.

SMS Stop Command: Subscriber can easily unsubscribe or text 'stop' to remove themselves from the list at anytime. This allows eliminating subscribers who gets annoyed easily and save your company's reputation.

SMS Tracking & Reporting: Easily track SMS from anywhere with delivery notifications, facilitating you to keep up-to-date track records on the communication information you have send.

Secure Text Messaging: All your SMS are secured. They are stored and managed safely by our professionals.

SMS open rates exceeds 99% and more than 95% of SMS are read by the recipients

Can I include SMS Marketing in our Business?

Definitely! We believe that any business who wish to convey their message to their audience most effectively, can also step into SMS Marketing.