Cloud PBX

Make sure that your business runs perfectly fine through any disaster.

What is Hosted PBX?

Hosted PBX is a virtual or cloud based phone system. Here all the call platform and PBX features are `hosted at GenPBX and your business connects all the calls via Internet. Services include all the features offered by traditional telephony system, backing up with additional benefits.

As all the calls are based and received over the internet, it assures affordable calls and crystal clear voice clarity.

Have an edge with Feature Rich Hosted PBX Solution!

Flexibility, efficiency and security are what our hosted PBX service is all about. Our packages are available to you with comprehensive range of features with optional upgrades.

How it helps to seamlessly work together as a Team?

Enjoy flawless communication and collaboration within your office as well as other different sites by,


  • G Chacko
    We are a conservative company with a tight budget, with Gencom our efficiency has grown multi-fold. With flexibility of remote management and scaling on need basis.
    G Chacko
  • manish
    Gencom helped our company with multiple branches to remove the clutter of hardware, software by making all communication seamless with great cost advantage.
    Manish K
  • J Jones
    We have got personal attention and service was delivered to suit our requirement than just a standard package. We are please to recommend Gencom to companies who are judicious and want to get best value for their communication cost.
    J Jones
  • S Joseph
    With Gencom PBX our teams are in control of communication, also getting a great insight into communication with pointers for improving sales and management.
    S Joseph

Call Handling
Advanced options to direct any incoming calls to a single or multiple destinations at ease

Call Parking
Put a call on hold and pick it up at another phone

Call Transfer
Easily transfer any calls to any line (internal or external)

Group Call
Well-organized and seamless internal communication

User Extensions
Easily create and administer several numbers of groups or individual extensions

How it helps to work Efficient?

Enhance your and your employee's productivity to its maximum.

Account Management
Easy access to the account from any web browser to control your settings and features

Address Book
Easy tracking of business contacts, while assigning routing to specific callers

Analog Phones
Keep your existing phone while using our service

Bulk Number Porting
Transfer multiple telephone numbers to GenPBX as well as keep your existing phone number

Call Rejection
Easily remove any unwanted calls

Call Screening
Accept or reject a call for an incoming call, after an audio announcement provides specific caller information

Caller Analytics
Know your customer with caller breakdown, social profile and cell provider

Caller ID
See who is calling and who you're calling with incoming & outgoing caller ID feature

Contact Directory
Store up to 100 speed dial numbers and call at a press

Search the desired person by name rather than memorising the extension

Do Not Disturb
Send callers directly to voicemail, before the first ring

HD Voice
High definition voice for crystal clear conversation

In-Call Feature
Use your keypad to transfer, block, record or put a call on hold at ease

Last Number Redial
Simplest and hassle-free way for redialing

Voice Tagging
Easily identify the customer with an audio message based on the number they have dialled

Test-Messaging (SMS)
Send and receive text message with any GenPBX number

Truly Flexible?

Work from any destination you wish and alter the ways of handling the calls

Call Forwarding
Switch incoming calls to the right department

Call Transfer
Easily transfer a call to another number or extension while on a call

Email Notification
Never miss any important call when you are not available

Hot Desking
Easily transfer your settings to any handset at your office

Remote Office
Receive calls to any phone irrespective of where you're

Voicemail Transcription
Get voicemail to your email, or text message with audio file

Preventing Fraud and better security?

Stay a step ahead with the extra security and track calls accurately which are made and received.

Improve perception and credibility of the organization

Grow to next generation level of customer service

Auto Attendant
Easily add menu options for call routing efficiently

Call Waiting
Switch between two concurrent incoming calls

CLI Flexibility
Change the number from which you're calling

Click to Call
When your customer press a button at your website, a quick call is connected to your department

CRM Integration
Incorporation of CRM software for simple & fast click to dial and screen post

Custom Local Number
Easy to remember sequence of numbers

Custom Toll Free Number
Easy to remember sequence of numbers or letter

Global Numbers
A local number for your customers in any part of the world to call you at local rates

Music on Hold
Music for callers who are waiting on hold

GenPBX comes with several benefits when comparing with traditional PABX solution. Few of the highlighting benefits are:

No need of initial capital investment and recurring expenses to maintain the equipments and an IT team.

You need not have to change your existing handsets when you sign up with our service.

Fully Managed
We monitor the network 24X7, 365 days a year, without any additional cost so that you can experience minimum downtime.

You just need GenPBX and receive monthly bill for all your users, features and locations, which includes landline, mobile minutes, online meetings, conferencing, virtual receptionists, fax and voicemail.

Unlimited Growth
No more worries regarding network capacity issues or upgrading the system. Additional lines can be easily made available when your team size increases.

Multiple Location
Desk-to-desk dialling and supported across all sites within a local group, allowing you to have office at multiple location without the next of owing or renting a private circuit links.

Regular Support
We shall provide you an apt solution with a training consultant to administer your pre and post sales training sections.

Feature rich and Flexibility
Wide range of business features can be customized as per your business requirement. With the growth of your business, you can easily reconfigure.

As all the calls are based and received over the internet, it assures affordable calls and crystal clear voice clarity.

Pricing Advantage: Why not Hosted PBX?

If you're looking forward for a fully managed hosted PBX service to be installed at your business or to replace or improve the existing one, at a cost effective price, then GenPBX is the perfect solution for you.