Cloud Phone

The fast, flexible and scaleable way to establish your business communication network with total control of cost as well as operation.

What is Cloud Phone?

This is a quick and affordable way of getting a new land number, with out really buying hardware. It's smart and fast. The calls are accessed trough Mobiles, Tablet/computer through Web mediun. Its truly virtual and packed with rich features with great flexibilty.

Why Cloud Phone?

Its smart, sleek and objective driven without the hassle of too many hardware. It brings outstanding value. There are millions of business who have shifted to this form of telephony to save and get great value.

Kick start your free trial and all you need to do is?

Choose your pricing plan, pick a number, enter your billing and contact details. It starts with a 30 day FREE trial. We will authorize but not charge your card at signup stage. Once your trial period is over, do nothing and your service will continue uninterrupted. Cancel anytime during your trial and you won't be charged.

Its easy to make changes to your account?

The account management portal gives you total control. Manage your settings, upgrade your plan, add extensions/numbers/users, cancel your service, or submit a support ticket.

1 out of 3 searches looks for local business.
Show your local business presence with virtual business number.

How your Business can make use of UK Virtual Number

Businesses make use of UK virtual numbers to show their local presence in areas where they do not have office.

We will illustrate an example on how business can benefit from UK virtual number. A local business owner based from Richmond was trying to enhance his business and thus started to advertise with his local number. Even though Richmond was just 10 minutes away from London, he never got any business call from London. Do you know why? As the business owner didn't advertise any 0207 or 0208 numbers, the people from London never felt that the business was local. The scenario changed completed when the business owner purchased a London local number. Even though he didn't have any office at London, all the calls were forwarded to his current business location at Richmond. People started to call him believing that he has local business presence.

Benefits of Virtual Number

Advertise locally in any part of UK

Business expansion without opening new offices

Easy tracking of calls of each number with our online portal

Select a number which can be easily memorisable

Disaster recovery – with easy rerouting of your calls to any number

Features of Cloud Phone

  • Call Transfer

  • Hunt Group

  • Music on Hold

  • Voicemail To Email

  • Call Parking

  • Smartphone integration

  • Conference call

  • Follow me

  • Caller ID Display

  • Virtual Receptionist/IVR

  • DND (Do not Disturb)

  • Call Waiting

  • Call Diversion

  • Queues

  • Detailed call Reporting

  • Call forwarding

  • Out of office Hours call processing

Pricing Advantage: Why not Hosted PBX?

If you're looking forward for a fully managed hosted PBX service to be installed at your business or to replace or improve the existing one, at a cost effective price, then GenPBX is the perfect solution for you.